The Top 10 Exercise Excuses You Use (And Can’t Use Anymore Now That We’ve Outed You)

Sorry, none of these are gonna fly.

We all have them: our go-to excuses when we don’t want to do something. We stockpile them and pull out different ones to suit our current situation, or keep returning to the same well-rehearsed lines because they’ve worked so well in the past.

But consider this: every time you lie to a workout partner, trainer, or (eek!) yourself, it makes the next time easier. Many of us latch onto any excuse to get a break from the grind of fitness and become so adept at using them that they spill from our lips without remorse. That means before long, you’re skipping more workouts than you’re completing.

So, in an effort to help you achieve your goals, we’re gonna go ahead and call you out.

From this point on, every time you try to use one of the excuses below, there’s going to be a little voice in your head saying: “Yeah, no. That’s total crap. You’re better than this.”

Just go ahead and think of this as a virtual (loving) kick in the pants.

1. I hurt my knee. Or Ankle. Or Wrist. No, you’ve hurt your brain if you think that’s a good excuse. Of course some injuries do require full rest, but most likely you can get in some sort of movement while your troublesome body part recovers. Even if you just sit on your couch with a five-pound weight and do bicep curls while watching re-runs of Vampire Diaries, your butt better be burning calories.

2. Work sucked today. Come. On. For most of us, work sucks every day. Your excuse is invalid.

3. I got in a fight with my boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/neighbor/dog. Puh-lease. Put your gym shorts on. After a while, the tears will turn into sweat—or, at least look like it.

4. I’m hungover. You know beer and anything that has an umbrella in it probably isn’t on your diet, right? You did it to yourself, so you can suffer through it.

5. I’m tired. Don’t. Even.

6. I’m sore. You know this is the point, right?

7. I have to get up early tomorrow/work late tonight. Sure, sometimes you’re in too much of a time crunch to get to the gym. But did you know that there’s this huge thing in front of your house, it stretches on forever and goes all over the place—it’s called the pavement. If the gym isn’t an option, you can still hit the street and get your burn on. Totally serious.

8. It’s not working. It’s working. Stop measuring yourself by the contestants on The Biggest Loser. They live in a bubble where their only focus is weight loss. You live in the real world, where weight loss takes time. Trust the process.

9. I need a break. No, you need to get off your booty and do some push-ups. Stop it.

10. I’m tired of denying myself. I deserve this day off (or this pizza, candy, beer, bacon-wrapped steak)! Maybe. But more than that, you deserve to live a long life. I deserve it isn’t a good reason. You don’t get to skip a workout or eat a slice of cheesecake every time you make it through your week without selling off your crazy teenagers.

Sorry that we’re not sorry about crashing your excuse train. We want the absolute best for you and we’ll try our hardest to make sure you aren’t sabotaging yourself anymore!

Did we miss your favorite excuse? Tell us in the comments and we’ll see if we can break it down for you ☺

Make it WayBetter

What's your #1 excuse? We all have a favorite. Write it down, then write down 3 counter-excuses to help you remind yourself why it's not a good reason to skip your workout.