Make Your Holiday More Active with These 5 New Traditions!

Amp up the fun and the fitness of your holidays by introducing your family to some new traditions this year.

I love all the traditions of the holiday season. But when I’m trying to meet my step goals and weight loss goals, I also dread some of the time-honored traditions of my family.

Sure, it’s fun to spend all day watching Christmas movies, or gather around the kitchen table gabbing and sampling the cheese ball, or even opening gifts, but all these traditions have something in common: they are sedentary. In most cases, they are not only inactive, they also involve (not healthy) food.

While I fully intend to be a part of the holiday traditions, I’m trying to get some new, more active trends going! If you’re looking to do the same, try some of these activities (rather than just the passivities!) to keep your family moving and still make fun memories during this holiday season.

Take the Football Outside

If everyone loves watching football, set up a match in the backyard! You don’t have to be great at it, and if there are little ones you can play flag football or two-hand touch. Just get into the spirit of the big game by huffing and puffing for a little while before settling in to root for the home team.

Bring Your Dance Moves or Your Twister Board

There are plenty of video games and board games like Twister that require people to get up and move around; just having them handy during those lazy afternoons on long weekends will prompt kids to give them a try. It’s way better than someone complaining about being bored, and if you jump in for Dance Dance Revolution or a game of Wii Bowling, you’ll get the benefit of some calorie-burning too!

Sign Up for a Polar Plunge or Santa Run!

Plenty of towns and cities have themed holiday races, and even if you are walking the whole thing, it’s nice to get out and see everyone else participate. You can cheer on anyone in the family that wants to go all out, and even the littlest ones can benefit if you put them in a good stroller and pace yourself.

Plan Shopping Trips with Some Foot Traffic Time

If you are in a StepBet, you know that picking a big outdoor mall or a cute downtown will result in more steps than just parking at one place here and driving to another place afterwards; choose the nearest shopping “experience” where you can journey on foot between stores. It’ll make it easier to stay alert as you look for great gifts, save a little gas, and mean you get to enjoy the weather instead of just hustling in and out of stores.

Give Active Gift Certificates

Find the local zipline place, a rock climbing gym, or putt-putt golf and give gifts to each other that set you up for nights or days of fun movement-oriented experiences. You’ll make memories and not have another thing to clutter up the house, while also getting some active time in. This is great for date nights too: organizing the bonding time around an exciting challenge can make for better conversation than just dinner and a movie can manage.

Make it WayBetter

Take the tradition you look forward to most at the holidays and Activate it – how could you add a walk, a stretch break, a challenge, or a game to it so that it’s not quite as “seated” as holiday get-togethers often are? Don’t lose the spirit, just add some action!