6 Ways to Work Out While Enjoying the Spring Weather

Soak up the sun and take care of your fitness with these 6 activities that help you break a sweat outside.

Spring has sprung, and in some places already yielded to summer. Even as busy work and school days conspire to keep us indoors or on the run, it’s great to soak up those precious moments when you can get some valuable Vitamin D! Plus, now that the temptation of ice cream has returned after a long winter, there’s even more reason to take advantage of the return of sunshine and get some more exercise outside.

Here are 6 fun ways to combine time out in the sun with active movement this spring:

1. Get to Gardening 

Gardening has cardio (back and forth from plot to plot) and strength training (squatting down, and all that water carrying!), and comes with the added benefit of beautiful flowers or healthy produce!

2. Run the Neighborhood

Running in your neighborhood can be great, especially if you figure out how long a particular path through the neighborhood is and keep track of your progress – seeing your ability to run farther and farther gives you a sense of accomplishment and also feeds the desire to spend even more time outside!

3. Salute the Sun

Some cities and towns have yoga classes early in the morning in their parks, but you don’t need a class to do some simple vinyasas to greet the day. This can either stretch you with some body-knotting twists and poses, or can be a gentle way to ease back into exercise after a long winter.

4. Fix It Up

Got a broken swing set, some sagging siding, or a leak or two in the gutters? Getting your repairs done can both add a sense of pride in your home, as well as get you to work up a sweat! I aim to get as much of this done as I can while the weather is mild but sunny, before fiery summer heat makes such repairs harder to stomach!

5. Pick up a Frisbee

Many parks and nature areas are adding 9-hole Frisbee golf courses. While they are fun to play with a set of specific golf discs, you can also try them with an ordinary Frisbee and see your aim improve each time you try! This is a great fast workout that can be done with a team or with kids. The spirit of competition against yourself or each other makes everyone work a little harder.

6. Walk to Work/Shopping/Dinner

Identify at least one place you frequently go that is close to home but to which you usually drive. I, for instance, tend to drive to the library even though I could just budget an extra hour and walk there and back. It doesn’t have to be everyday (most people don’t have the time), but a walk that lands you at one of your other obligations is making you healthier AND cutting down on time sitting at stoplights – win win.

Make it WayBetter

Are you setting aside time to be outside? Nature and sunlight can be great for our mental health, which contributes to our resolve and perseverance with difficult tasks, so getting outside might be good for a walking or weight loss challenge even if you don’t do a lot of activity at any given time!