5 Reasons I Love StepBet

WayBetter's new game, StepBet, is now in beta testing. Here's why I'm excited to become a regular player.
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I’ll admit it: I haven’t had the greatest success with DietBet. I think it’s a great idea and I keep trying, but as soon as I miss my goal for one week, I find my motivation completely bottoming out and I mentally check out for the rest of the game.

Weight loss is so tricky because they are so many factors that can affect your success; sometimes I feel like I’m doing everything right but not seeing the progress I “should.” So I start with great intentions, but I lose steam quickly.

So when I heard about StepBet (a new walking game from WayBetter, the company that created DietBet) I was super excited to try a beta game. It seemed a little more specific and focused, and under my control. I fired up the Health app on my iPhone and joined the game—and I’m thrilled to report I won in my first game! I’m totally ready for another (even though my goals will be significantly harder)!

How StepBet Works 

Similar to DietBet, StepBet is based on your meeting personal goals to win the game. Your personal goals are calculated based on your step history, so everyone’s should be equally difficult, even if the numbers themselves are different. The app accesses your step history either through your phone or a (growing) list of tracking devices, and then gives you two personal goals: an Active goal (a bit of an increase over your average) and a Stretch goal (a more drastic increase over your average). To stay in the game each week, you have to meet your active goal three times and your stretch goal two times. You get two free days!

The game lasts for eight weeks. If you miss your goals in any week, you’re out. It’s so simple, but it’s got so many great things going for it. Here are my top 5 reasons for why I love this new game.

Why I Love StepBet

1. My results are completely under my control. Short of being really sick or breaking a leg or something, my winning is a direct result of nothing other than my putting one foot in front the other. I’ve gotten my steps in on rainy days and days where I’ve wanted to watch movies all day by simply walking in circles in my apartment. It sounds (and, admittedly, feels) a little funny, but, it gets the job done! I can’t put the work/steps in and NOT win.

2. I’m rediscovering my city. One of the easiest ways for me to add incremental steps here and there is to adjust my commute – sometimes I get off the subway a few stops early, sometimes I circle a few extra blocks on my way somewhere, sometimes I just get on whatever train comes first (whether it’s the right one or not) and then just get off sort of close to my destination so I can walk a bit. I’m walking through neighborhoods I haven’t seen in a while and seeing new sights.

3. It’s saving me money. I know that the walk from my apartment to the closest subway stop is right around 1,000 steps. Many a night when I would have normally given into late night laziness and taken a cab home, I’ve taken the subway instead just so I’d easily get those last 1,000 steps in.

4. I’m learning all the words to Hamilton! A long walk is a perfect time to listen to a Broadway cast recording like Hamilton. Because it’s sung through, I feel like I’m listening to the whole story when I walk. I often walk even more than I planned to because I want to listen to more. This works similarly with podcasts; my train rides often feel too short to really listen to a podcast, but walking gives me time to listen (and listening makes me want to take more time to walk!).

5. I’ve got an ulterior motive. I’m registered for the Avon 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer in October, and while my training doesn’t have to officially start for a few more months, my StepBet games are helping me ramp up my walking, meaning my training will be that much easier.

If you’re a little a nervous about your first StepBet, here are a couple of things to note:

  • You can get your goals before officially signing up, so check out your Active and Stretch goals and try out some walks to see what you’d have to do to meet them.
  • Your first week is a “Warm-Up Week” where no players are eliminated. This works as a great time to try out some different strategies and work on any time adjustments you may have to make to get all your steps in during your day.

Want to put Lisa's tips to use? Join your own StepBet game today!

Make it WayBetter

Plan your StepBets to help support your DietBet games! Having a StepBet to keep you active during your Kickstarter or Transformer is a great way to boost your odds of success. Playing in StepBet between DietBets is another great way to keep yourself on track when you're not looking to lose more weight.