How Brandy Lost 50 Lbs and Changed Her Life with StepBet

This story was shared with us by StepBet player Brandy R. You can follow her on Instagram at @brandybo1981:

I first heard about Stepbet at the beginning of August and I was intrigued. I had owned a Fitbit fitness tracker for years already but for some reason I never ended up being consistent with meeting my goals. Many days I would later in the week look and see what my steps had been like and so many days were well under 5000 steps. Once I read a little bit more about StepBet, I decided to take the plunge and get to business. This decision is one of the best I've ever made.

With being in the StepBet games it gives me that extra motivation to get in my steps and gives me that extra sense of accountability. Before many days when I wasn't in the mood to go for a walk or to be active I just wouldn't. Now, the only time I've ever slacked has been only on warm up week. (Which I am excited to say is changing with the membership option of StepBet and being able to be in 3 games at once and I'm going to set them so I'm always in active games.)

Now most mornings after waking up I take my dog for our daily morning walk getting in on average at least a quarter of my daily step goal If not more all before breakfast. It's surreal how much of a life changer for the better the StepBet community has inspired in me. It's helped me have the courage to find new ways to get in my steps, so I joined a kickboxing group class which before I never would have done. Since August 10th 2016 I have lost just over 50lbs and have gone from a pant size 24W to a size 16W. So close to being out of the plus size clothing and wearing standard sizes. This has been 20 years since I was in standard sizes. My energy level is up so much more and my dog is happy to go on all of the walks we now do.

If I hadn't found StepBet, I'm sure I would have fallen into my old patterns of staying on track for a month or two then falling off track and being inactive. With the activity and watching my steps it's also made me be in the habit of also tracking my food consistently at the same time which I'd never been able to do before. I still have a ways to go in my journey and all the new members games are so exciting to me. I am currently in the Super Stretch game, which some days I'm like "What was I thinking??" but I sure make it happen even when I'm tired. I am also hoping to join the Work Hard Play Hard game that's offered in June, which will be a huge step for me because those goals are so huge but I know if I join the came I will get it done.

Thank you to StepBet, its creators and the Stepbet community. I can't imagine going back to my sedentary life ever again. Keep up all the amazing posts and unique games coming.