Why Being a Bookworm Can Help You Lose Weight

Love to read? Learn how your passion can help you with your weight loss goals!

I grew up a bookworm – cuddled on the couch with a stack of library books and no intentions of coming out for a while. As I’ve gotten older, being a bookworm has changed. I don’t have the time to spend hours and hours on the couch any more, and my book reading has changed in response.

I’ve also made a commitment to myself to change some of the eating habits associated with my bookworm tendencies; I find it awfully easy to keep salty or sweet snack foods within arm’s reach of my reading nooks and eat them without regard to serving size. Whether your favorite thing is comic books or keeping up with a story-rich TV show, you probably know what it’s like to snack unconsciously while absorbed in a wonderful story.

I want to share my latest ways of making my weight loss journey connect with my bookworm roots, because I think that people who love stories actually have some advantages in losing weight, and I’d love to celebrate that!

1. Loving Stories Makes Exercise Fly By

I pay so much attention to books and TV shows that whatever else I’m doing often doesn’t even cross my mind, and exercise can be rather hard for me if I don’t have anything to distract me from the exertion—which makes reading while working out a perfect combination. Some people use music to provide the distraction, but I find that a recumbent bike and a book can make me exercise longer and harder because I’m too excited about the book to worry about how long I’ve been pedaling!

2. Reading Can Be Done in So Many New Ways Now

Audiobooks, Kindle books, and books that have been adapted into movies and TV shows all provide ways to get your reading/story time in without having to sit down with a physical paper book. It’s easier to remember to keep a phone or Kindle handy, and the gym often has charging stations – I’ve sometimes gone to the gym just so I can get my next fix from Overdrive or Audible!

3. Unconsciously Snacking on Veggies = Healthier Me!

Sure, unconscious snacking on sweet and salty foods can be an issue, but I usually won’t put a book down to get those things, so if they’re not near me I won’t eat them. Instead, I can keep carrots and celery and cherry tomatoes in arm’s reach and end up eating my whole day’s worth of veggies just while tearing through a mystery novel on the couch.

4. Caring About Story Makes Me Want to Succeed

If you love a good story, you know that you want the conclusion of your weight-loss journey to be a happy one: you can already visualize more muscle tone, more energy, or whatever other goal you have for losing weight. Wanting to see that story through to completion is a great way to keep yourself motivated, and readers tend to be the kind of folks who just cannot wait to see how the story ends.

Make it WayBetter

How can your favorite pleasure reading or viewing help your weight-loss journey? Can you get a version of the book or show that you can use at the gym, or stock healthy snacks next to your reading nook?