DietBet Referee's Leap Day Plans

2016 gives us an extra day! Find out what the DietBet Ref's will be up to, and share your plans for these bonus 24 hours!
nature walk

“If only there were more hours in the day…”

Who hasn’t said (or at least thought) that on a particularly stressful day? We all have too much to do and too little time, and the notion of tacking a few extra minutes onto your day seems like a beautiful cure-all. We’d be able to finish all the things on our list, and maybe even…*gasp*…relax!

Well this year that wish comes true, in the form of one whole extra day. That’s right, after three brutal years of scraping by with a measly 365 days, 2016 is a leap year, meaning we get 29 days in February, and 366 days total. Wahoo!

In anticipation of these special 24 hours, we asked our Referees to share how they’ll be spending their leap days. Between now and February 28th, we’re also going to be rounding up awesome leap day plans from our community. To submit your leap day plans to be featured, share them in the comments below or post on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #dbleapday!

DietBet Ref’s: What Are You Doing With Your Leap Day?


Perhaps I'll celebrate my extra day with a day hike. It’s been warm enough in New York, right?


I really should do something cool, but lounging around and relaxing. Maybe go sledding with the kids!


I have never thought about what I would do with my extra day on a leap year...I think I am going to throw a big party! Hey Alexis... may I have Feb 29th off please? Kidding!


I suppose I'll try to have an extra band practice!


For my extra day, I hope to lounge around in sweats and catch up on some reading.


I would like to sleep for the extra day, but I will probably work...I'm so exciting. :P


My extra day? I hadn't thought about that...but if I happen to have the day off, perhaps I'll go for a massage and spend the rest of the day playing PlayStation 4. My favorite things! :)


I think we’ll try to take the kid to a museum or something. Something fun!


I would like to spend the extra day in bed...


With my extra day, I think I will make sure to find some time to work on my hobby. I like to build musical instruments. I have stuff for another cigar box ukulele, and i want to get it started soon :)

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Don't forget to share your leap day plans for a chance to be featured! Post your plans in the comments below, or on social media with the hashtag #dbleapday.